The First Step Business Accelerator Program

The First Step Business Accelerator Program was designed on request of the Village of Burns Lake and Rio Tinto Canada.  The goal was to build out a pilot project with hopes that Rio Tinto would be able to take the program nationally.

We went to work, creating a branded program that represents Canadians across this country and works for e-commerce, restaurants and service businesses.  The program is designed in 3 steps, each step is a 4 week program with a round table. During the first step, we create custom, professional websites and a branding package for the participants.  From here we work with them to build out their social channels and teach them how to present their business in a professional manner online.  They are then supported for 1 year, allowing them to learn the tools and have a partner to rely on while doing that.

The program is unlike any other accelerator.  Custom, professional websites for all participants as marketing promotions that are used across their social channels to increase their sales and online presence.


Canadian small businesses need your help.

The First Step Program has been generously backed by Rio Tinto Canada and communities.  If you would like to bring the First Step Program to your community and help your small businesses, please contact us, we would love to have you join us!

Together, we do make a difference.